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S.I.B.A.T. – SERVICES FOR ENGINEERING, CULTURAL HERITAGE, ARCHITECTURE, TERRITORY Ltd  is a new STARTUP founded in january 2018 in Siena- Italian law 18 october 2012, n. 179

Our "mission":

Photogrammetry, drones and virtual tour

Technological development and related services of software and hardware related to three-dimensional surveys, in particular photogrammetry and laserscanner. We can apply these tools to engineering, architecture, archeology, museums, agriculture, urban development, monitoring and survey of areas affected by earthquakes and the environment. Another area of work is related to the implementation of two-dimensional digital cartography solutions (GIS and webGIS applications). Setup of virtual tour webapps for apartments

Non destructive tests on buildings

Research, development and application of diagnostics on buildings to identify the structural strength of materials; aimed at seismic analysis up to monitoring, testing and related analytical and evaluative operations.

Energy efficiency improvement

Research aimed at energy efficiency in building, through innovative development of materials, hardware and software.


Energy efficiency improvement - S.I.B.A.T. srl

These interventions can reduce energy consumption by improving the thermal comfort and healthy living. The energy efficiency is a primary goal of European and national energy policy. In the civil sector (residential and non-residential), to analyze the consumption, both thermal and electrical, it considers the integrated system of the building, constituted by the building and the technological systems (for winter heating, summer air conditioning, lighting, ventilation and other systems such as elevators, escalators, etc.). Using partial or integrated interventions of qualification energy, you can save from 10% to 50%. The skin of the building (formed by opaque and transparent surfaces) allows energy flows to come into contact with the environment. Today, thanks to technological and energy improvements, it is possible to make the building a dynamic surface able to guarantee adequate thermal comfort by reducing energy consumption.

Energy efficiency improvement

Non-destructive tests on buildings - S.I.B.A.T. srl

Non-destructive tests are necessary during:

Diagnostics: when the presence of a malfunction in the structure is detected and therefore it is necessary to collect all the necessary information to plan an adequate restoration and / or adaptation intervention.

Exercise: when it becomes necessary to carry out a monitoring of the quality and / or safety of the structure.

Testing: when the materials of the structure must be tested before use.

The most frequent interventions concern reinforced concrete and brickwork structures, in particular:

– the recovery of structures damaged by cyclical (time) and / or extraordinary phenomena (structural failure, earthquake);

– the adaptation of existing structures.

The project of these interventions has as essential prerequisite the verification of the properties of the materials that can be carried out through non-destructive tests on the existing structures.

Non-destructive tests on buildings

Historical investigation - S.I.B.A.T. srl

The historical knowledge of a real estate property can be, above all in Italy, a way to increase prestige, interest and its value. The workflow for the historical survey consists of two phases:
Study of the building: Photogrammetric survey of the walls, the first step for the analysis and study of the building, aimed at understanding the construction, restoration and transformation phases of the structure.
Archive research: Study of historical cartography for the survey of the structure between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and production of digital cartography for the study of medieval and late medieval evidences. Analysis of written sources and research of ancient information on the building. The study can be extended to the territory, for the contextualization of the structure in its historical-cultural landscape.

Historical investigation

Virtual tour - S.I.B.A.T. srl

The technological solution to show the rooms is virtual tour. The customer will be able to move freely within the building through websites. The web app can be loaded on any server and, on request, we can host it on our own. Alternatively we can propose a “stand alone” solution of the app, viewable on PC and Mac. The tecnlogic solution consists of 360 ° photographic shots made with special devices and a software that can connect the panoramas together. Within the panoramas we can insert the “hotspots”, with additional information, images, links and videos.

Virtual tour

Photogrammetry - S.I.B.A.T. srl

We realize three-dimensional survey of structures, territories and objects, using drones, photogrammetry and 3d scanner. Photogrammetry is a three-dimensional survey method to acquire spatial and metric data on the shapes and colors of objects. For the construction of structural and territorial surveys we use drones, then implementing the model with photographs on the ground. The use of 3D scanners is limited to contexts where millimeter accuracy is required. Three-dimensional models can be processed in 3D graphics, used for architectural design and shared on the Web. Survey processing can also be used for the publication of cartography and terrain analysis. In particular, orthophotos, digital terrain models, slope analysis, solar exposure analysis, sound diffusion analysis, vegetation analysis.




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